Jewish Blame Game

We Jews love to blame ourselves when things go wrong.  And good on us for doing so.  Blaming ourselves just so happens to be our heritage going back a few thousand years.  We didn’t win a battle against the Moabites?  Our bad.  Babylonians booted us out of our country?  Our bad.  Famine?  Earthquake?  Lion attack?  All met with the same collective Jewish ‘oops’.

As the story goes, we Jews made an agreement with the creator of the universe in a desert.  If we uphold the agreement, we are promised blessings.  If we renege on the agreement, we will be cursed.  Bad stuff like knife attacks will happen.

Keeping this agreement in mind, I ask, who among us are the most likely to attribute self-blame for this latest spin of terror?  I find it ironic that those among us that have the least regard for our Sinai covenant are the most likely to dish out the self-blame.  Those of us that are the least traditional are most upholding the tradition of accountability.

According to these non-traditionalists, what sin was committed that we are suffering our current woes?  Simple, because we are following the Sinai covenant too much.  We are getting too close to possessing our inheritance and building a third temple.  Or in their words: the current violence is due to the build of of Jewish settlements and Jews visiting the Tempe Mount.  You know, doing things that the Torah tells us to do.

For the non-traditionalists, if we keep the commandments, we will be cursed and if we don’t keep the commandments we will be blessed.  The opposite of what our tradition promises.

To keep the irony going, we traditionalists, we the upholders of the Sinai covenant, do not partake in the tradition of self-blame.  We blame the Arabs, the world, Jewish leadership…  We don’t blame ourselves because we don’t want to sound like religious fanatics.  We should be saying stuff like: “the reason why the terrorists are stabbing us is that we are not keeping all the words of the Torah.”  Saying stuff like that would make us sound like any other prophet, major or minor, in the Tanach.  Prophets, you know, fanatics.

My fellow traditionalists, do not be afraid to show your true colors.  For it is the non-traditionalists who are not grounded in reality.  God is our rock.

They say it is the settlements that are causing acts of terror.  We say, how is Haifa not a settlement?  Which city is more settled, Haifa or Hevron?  Where is there more acts of terror?  Reality shows that more Jewish settlements in our ancient homeland leads to less terror.

The terrorists say we are but European colonialists usurping Islamic territory.  Whatever would give them that idea?  Oh, I don’t know, maybe because that’s how the non-traditionalists want us to behave.  They want us to be citizens of the world.  We traditionalists want to be the Jews that we are.  We need to broadcast to the world and to our Arab cousins, that we are the natives of this land and the Islamic empire are the colonialists.  Are we going to claim to be the natives of this land by being less of a Jew?  Of course not.  The more we show continuity that goes back four thousand years the more valid our claim of nativity becomes.

To top it all off, not only are more Jewish settlements and more Jewish continuity a more grounded, tested solution, it also happens to better serve the goals and values that the non-traditionalists purport to hold dear.

Non-traditionalists say they hate racism.  Yet what is more racist than separating the Arabs and the Jews.  Wouldn’t integration rather than segregation be less racist rather than more?

The non-traditionalists claim to care for the plight of the “Palestinian”  Arab.  Well why would we do to the Arabs of Judah and Samaria the same we did to the Arabs in Gaza?  If you love the Arabs of the disputed territories then wouldn’t you want for them the life of Israeli Arabs?  The more we claim sovereignty, the more integrated the Jewish and Arab population, the more these Arabs will reap the economic and social benefits that Israeli Arabs receive today.

Non-traditionalists say the problem of terrorism stems from Jewish settlements and visitation of the Temple Mount.

It’s time we traditionalists say bravely; our problems will be solved with full sovereignty of greater Israel and a third temple to be built speedily in our days.  God is our rock.

2 thoughts on “Jewish Blame Game

  1. You lamented, “Are we going to claim to be the natives of this land by being less of a Jew? Of course not.”

    Yes, but What type of Jew is now the question.

    King David style or Ovadia Yosef?

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