God v Superman

The movie Batman v Superman was too long with a two and a half hour running time.  Seems if you cut out all the dead weight dialogue about how Superman was mistaken for God or how Superman was more powerful than God, 15 minutes would have trimmed off of the long running time.

Yes, the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster were Jewish.  The name of Superman is “Kael” which in Hebrew means “like God”.

I have no problems with anyone or anything being “like” God.  We are all like God.  We love and hate.  God loves and hates.  We build and destroy.  God builds and destroys.  But when a mega-budget movie feels comfortable with an audience of millions people across the world, introducing ideas to suggest that Superman could easily be mistaken as God or more powerful than God, this worries me.

After all of these this time, we still entertain the notion that God is some powerful magic man hanging out in the clouds?  Great Scott!

The Jewish God, as I understand him, has little to do with a powerful dude.

God having arms and legs is out.  God being constrained by any physical laws is also out.  God lives outside of time.  God lives in the quantum universe where every possibility of any possible outcome exists simultaneously.  We live in the world of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, ‘right’ or ‘left’.  God lives in the world of ‘yes’ and ‘no’, ‘right’ and ‘left’.

In the beginning there was Home Depot.  In this Home Depot were all building materials needed for Superman to assemble the universe.

NO!  Of course not!

In the beginning there was only God.  God, you know, incorporeal, eternal God.  That God.  Before there was any thing there was no thing.  That’s what God is, a no thing.  Therefore God built the universe with the only material that was around.  That material was himself.

When examined closely (also known as scientifically) the stuff of this universe is a no thing.

Take anything that you think is a thing, what’s it made out of?  Atoms right?

Let’s take an atom.  Here’s one.  Ain’t it cute?  So little.  It’s got your protons and neutrons nucleus with electrons orbiting around the nucleus.  What’s in between the electrons and proton, neutron nucleus?  Empty space, right?  Right.

Up to this point are we all on board about atoms?  You’d have to disavow all of science to disagree.  Let’s keep going and see what else we know about atoms.

How much of an atom is composed of empty space?  How much of an atom is not electrons, neutrons and protons?  Hold on to your hat, 99.999999999999% of all atoms are empty space.  Electrons, neutrons and protons make up of only 0.000000000001% of an atom.

If you blew up an atom to be the size of the Earth our atom would have a nucleus the size of a basketball and the orbiting electrons would be the size of cherry pit.  Everything else would be empty space.

Now lets ask the question: what is that 0.000000000001% of an atom which is electrons, neutrons and protons made of?  What is the stuff that makes stuff?  This is where science gets exhausted.  They don’t know.  Don’t say quarks.  Quarks are just a smaller unit of the stuff that is not known.

Look around you.  Everything you see is proven to be 99.999999999999% not there.  And no one can prove what the 0.000000000001% that is there is made of.  The universe as we experience it is literally an illusion.

Now I will bid adieu to science and give faith a look-see:

I believe in the God of the Torah.  God said, “Let there be light and there was light.”  This illusion called universe is brought to you by God’s words.

The Torah was written three thousand years before any computer code was written.  Computers make a perfect metaphor to how we interact with the universe.  Before the movie, Matrix, we had the Torah telling us that the universe is composed of words.

That’s my God.  Where is he?  He’s everywhere.  He is everything.  I’m going to confuse this God with a dude flying around with his red underwear outside of his pants?   I don’t think so.

Feel free to apply this to your false gods whoever they may be.



As a side note:  I say with complete lack of confidence, the idea that the universe is composed of code giving a hologram effect is shared in the scientific community.  I’m pretty sure the only difference between an atheist and a theist is that an atheist believes that the universe is composed solely of laws.  The theist believes that said laws are alive and conscious.